jeeps- both MB and GPW, Studebaker 6x6s, Blitzs and more

Our interest in restoring and researching ex-military vehicles is primarily with WW2 jeeps but we have a soft spot for Studebaker 6x6 trucks and Chev and Ford CMP trucks (Blitzs).

Vehicles we have owned include:

1945 Studebaker 6x6 - 'the Beast' - last used to move a whole house!
1942 Willys MB jeep - 'script body' - a bit of a basket-case as someone stripped it before we got it, however it will be restored
1942 Ford GPW jeep - from 'bush' truck to Grand Champion Concourse, we're very proud of this little honey
1944 Ford GPW jeep - on honest old jeep with a new future as it's under restoration
1944 Ford F15A 15 CWT 4x4 CMP truck - a 'baby' Blitz - last used as a tow truck around Temora this has the makings of a good restoration

Our April 2006 restored 1942 Script Bodied Ford GPW (jeep), serial Number GPW 11730 has been

WW2 Jeeps NSW. Jeep 70th Birthday. Best Restored Ford. 2011. 

The Council of Historic Motor Clubs NSW - Concours d'Elegance 2006

The Council of Motor Clubs (NSW) Shannon's Eastern Creek Classic 2006 - 
      Best 1941-1950 Vehicle,
      Best Wartime Military Vehicle, and 
      GRAND CHAMPION Concourse d'Elegance

Australian ex-Military Vehicle Collectors Society - Best Restored Vehicle 2006

Vintage Motor Club - Concours d'Elegance Trophy 2006


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