Our journey with vintage cars involves four generations of our family and started in 1964 when an original 1928 Chevrolet tourer was stored at our property. Vintage cars we have owned include:

  • 1928 Chevrolet toure r- the "original Chev" that came for storage and stayed!
  • 1928 Oldsmobile tourer - a multi-awarded restoration and trophy winning rally car.
  • 1929 Oldsmobile roadster - another award winning restoration and popular rally car
  • 1930 Nash Straight 8 sedan - for over 35 years our successful rally and touring car.

Just to show we are not completely one-eyed about vintage cars....... 

 Post-vintage, historic and classic cars we have owned include:

  • 1934 Packard sedan
  • 1939 Chevrolet coupe utility
  • 1950 Studebaker convertible
  • 1962 Bedford J1 table top truck
  • 1964 Dodge AT4 table top truck
  • 1981 Holden Statesman WB Caprice sedan